March 2019 Winery inventory

Bulk Wine In totes, ready to move.

630 gallons Amber Chardonnay

260 Gallons Apple Pie

300 Gallons Plum, Dry

300 Gallons Ocotillo

265 Gallons Prickly Pear

150+ gallons Cabernet Sauvignon, In 3 drums

Bottled Wine

Pallets have 60  cases per pallet, whole pallets only please

Pallet#  # of cases

  1. 36 Merlot, 18 Blackberry Lavender mead
  2. 60 Hibiscus
  3. 21 Hibiscus, 25 Petit Syrah
  4. 4.25 Lavender Merlot, 23 Prickly pear
  5. 60 Strawberry and Buckwheat Mead
  6. 37 Blackberry and Buckwheat Mead
  7. 60 Valencia orange and star anise mead
  8. 41 Valencia orange and star anise mead,18 Apple Pie
  9. 60 M-5( 5 melon and star anise)
  10. 60 M-5
  11. 21 M-5, 39 Black grape and lemon drop melon
  12. 28 ocotillo, 32 Black grape and lemon drop melon
  13. 17 Prickly pear, 12 Strawberry and chocolate, 24 Mandarine orange and chocolate
  14. 4 Mandarin orange and choclate, 43 elderberry and maca, 5 ocotillo,8 sultana grape and blueberry
  15. 18 Sultana Grape and Blueberry,42 Grapefruit
  16. 23 Sultana Grape and Blueberry,37 Apple strawberry Blueberry
  17. 60 Strawberry and blueberry
  18. 48 Strawberry and blueberry, 11 Apple strawberry blueberry
  19. 14 Juan Canary Melon, 3 mixed cases.

  I'd like to sell these as whole pallets. Cash and Carry. I can most likely arange for a fork lift to load a large flat bed trailer, or box trailer.

Prices are 10$per gallon for bulk wines and 100$ per case for bottled wines on Pallets. All are cash and carry. If anyone wants to offer for the whole lot, thats fine, all offers will be considered.

Also there is a great deal of stainless steel tables, sinks, single and triple, 2 6 burner commercial ranges with ovens, a pasta cooker, and tons of supplies for a commercial kitchen, a 2 qt hobart style mixer, with many attachments. Lots of winemaking supplies, 4000 corks, 30K heat shrinks, quarts of sealed wine yeast. Nutrients, sparkolloid and much much more. Call for pricing, or to make offers.

Also, I have solid surface 2 tops with heavy steel bases, several dozen chairs, the wine bar I built for our tasting room with finished live edge cedar top etc etc etc.

Contact Ray Stephens at